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Cells & OEM Modules

Ergon Solair has been supplying cells since 2005, we are amongst the most experienced suppliers in the global cells market.

We procure and supply 2 and 3 bus bar cells, multicrystalline 156x156mm made in Taiwan, Europe and Mainland China. We supply exclusively factory direct, our production partners are selected certified manufacturers.

All the cells we supply are covered by manufacturer's warranty and technical assistance.

In cooperation with our cells suppliers we can manage OEM modules operations to produce modules with customers brand.

OEM management service

Ergon Solair has many years of experience in managing for customers the development and produiction of OEM photovoltaic products.
Depending on your specific requirements, we can have them made in Asia (China or Taiwan), North America, western and eastern EU, with or without "made in EU" qualification. We select the factory location based on our customers precise needs of product origin and logistics.

Each factory we select as an accredited Ergon Solair OEM manufacturing partner undergoes an approval process where we verify:
  • Lay–out and organization of the production facility
  • Verification of quality of equipements and process
  • Verification of quality of materials and components
  • QC criteria
  • Warranty performance policy
  • Production, procurement and financial capacity

Our OEM service includes:

  • selection of production facility
  • selection of BOM list and technology
  • Assist in relations/negotiations with the manufacturer
  • Assist in relations with certification bodies
  • Assist in selection and supply of key materials and components
  • Assist in QC management









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